High School

With our High-School aged athletes we build off the foundation that they learned from us when they were younger and we start to add a little bit more weight lifting where appropriate.  As kids enter their high school years they are at a prime age to build muscle, that makes this time of their life arguably the most important time to learn how to move their body properly and ensure that they do not develop dysfunctional movement patterns.
This is also one of the most important times to teach proper stretching techniques.  Because of the ability to gain a lot of muscle at this age, High School athletes can start to get very “tight” muscles that can inhibit proper movement patterns.  Here at Forshey Training Systems we take an approach that combines an ideal amount of mobility and stability to ensure that your athlete stays healthy on the field and dominates at their position.
We realize that your high school athlete more than likely would like to play at the next level and we would love to help show them what it takes to get there!!

Cassie Rhodabeck
West Albany High School

John Stroebel
McNary High School

Chris Bravo
Sprague High School

Josh Lindemann
Stayton High School

Tara PolingHigh School