Yep!!  That’s right!!  We train professional athletes as well!
These athletes know their bodies better than anyone else and while they sometimes need a push in the right direction, they got to this point by training their butts off so some workouts are all about intensity, while others are all about recovery!
Once you get to this level, it is all about fine-tuning the little things and longevity in your sport.  That is where we come in!  Let’s let FTS athlete Alison Wood, who  set a lifetime PR in the high jump at age 40, do the talking here:


There is something LEGENDARY about Jake Forshey and I am extremely lucky that I can call him my trainer. Jake is everything that the great trainers are, motivational, inspirational, attentive but there is much more to working out with Jake than you get with other trainers. Jake is extremely knowledgeable on the training techniques that work to strengthen your body and what it takes to IMPROVE in your sport. Jake takes the time to research your personal goals, your weaknesses and create the road map to take you where you want to go.

Jake is with you physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally (if the Prowler is involved…).

I have been a track and field athlete since I was nine years old. I have had the privilege of a successful career and would like to continue competing at a high level for as long as I can. Jake has played an extraordinary role in getting my strength and fitness levels back to where they were when I was in college. I have the competitive edge of being a Forshey trained athlete and as one of University of Oregon official put it, “I love seeing those college girl’s mouths drop open when you take off your sweatshirt and they see how fit you are!”.  It is an amazing experience to have full confidence in your trainer and that is how I feel about every session with Jake. I know that everything we do is contributing to improved performances on the track.

I am so grateful to Jake and appreciate his dedication, knowledge and relentless drive to help me reach my goals. With Jake I am able to embrace the challenge (and occasional pain) and improve.  Every session is engaging, fresh and always tough because Jake takes the time, every time to design a purposeful workout.   I look forward to my workouts every week!  Thank you Jake – YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST!

-Alison Wood-
World Class Masters High Jumper

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