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Ethan Hoppe Comes to Train with the Big Guys

Ethan Hoppe is an awesome little bundle of energy that I met about 3 months ago when his father and he came into the FTS Gym looking for a place that Ethan could hone his athletic skills.  Ethan is a big kid which is something I’m very used to but what surprised me more than anything was his maturity.  Ethan just turned 12 years old and his confidence, energy, and level of athleticism is far above any kid I have ever met at his age.  His sisters were gone for one of their training sessions which got me to thinking about inviting “E” to come lift with my older football group.  He plays football and lacrosse and any other sport he can possibly find time for so I thought it would be fun to challenge him and get him the experience of how the oldder guys train on a daily basis.

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The day started with some “core” work.  We did some reverse crunches and reverse hypers for that

We then went on to a superset including heavy dumbbell flat bench press and plyo pushups.  E was loving it already!!  He did his plyo pushups in an inclined position and got all his sets in strong fashion!

We continued on to some floor presses with the football bar and on his last set he even did it with some big 5/8inch chains on the bar.  We supersetted this with an explosive 1 arm prowler row

We finished the day with some dumbbell lateral raises and some rack slide overhead press.

Ethan did a great job!!  Never complained and had a blast doing it!  He has been a pleasure to have here in the gym and I can’t wait to watch him play a little football this fall!!

Ethan proves that you are never too young or too old to start training.  We build customized programs for athletes of all ages.

coachforsheyEthan Hoppe Comes to Train with the Big Guys