Alison Wood Medal Photo


Alison Wood Medal Photo

Last weekend FTS athlete, Alison Wood, broke her previous record for the high jump with a lifetime PR of 170 cm. She did it at the perfect time at the USATF National Club Track and Field Championships in Tacoma, WA. A few weeks prior she had set a PR of 169 cm at a track meet at Willamette University which was her best in 20 years.

It has been a pleasure to work with Alison as her strength coach and watch her go out and compete week after week and dominate her competition, a lot of whom are ½ her age!! A huge shoutout goes to John Radetich, her technique coach who works tirelessly along-side her during her jumping season.

Alison has faced a lot of adversity in the past year battling injuries and enduring major surgery and taxing treatments but she never lost sight of her goals and it shows at times like these when you are able to be at the top of your game despite all the adversity and being what most would call 20 years past her prime.

Watch her post-jump interview here!!! We even got a shoutout!!

We couldn’t be more proud to have Alison as part of the FTS Family!!